MLG International was established in the year of 2003 and we are manufacturers of Bags of Jute, Cotton, Canvas, Organic Cotton, Juco, NWPP, etc. We have production facility which includes designing, cutting, printing, embroidery, stitching… to the final process. Our manufacturing facility allows us to produce large order quantities without having to compromise on quality.

We understand that different people have different wants & hence all our bags are customized to suit our customers’ wants.

There are many advantages of using Jute & Cotton bags as:

1.The fabrics themselves are completely Bio-Degradable & hence are Eco-Friendly.

2.When decomposed they do not produce any toxic fumes which harm the environment.

3.The bags are strong, durable & have a long life. Moreover they are hand tailored
which makes them more dependable.

4.They are excellent items for advertisement & have great promotional value.

5.The bags are not only eco-friendly but are trendy, stylish & very comfortable.

That is why many organizations have started to use such eco-friendly bags instead of other

Product Varities:

Jute Bags are made form 100% natural golden fibre, It is biodegradable in nature and is fast replacing polybags & paper bags

Cotton bags are made from cotton fibre which is biodegradable in nature and is 100% natural. India grows one of the best cotton bags in the world


MLG International
46, Moti Sil Street,
Kolkata – 700013

Tel: +91 90 6263 9070 / +91 98 3118 4685
Fax: +91 33 2840 0507

Email: info@mlginternational.in
Website: www.mlginternational.in, www.cotton-industry.com

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Skype: MLG International
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